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Current Exhibition

I am delighted to annonce the opening of the Berkeley Art Gallery exhibition as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival. My three Eve Sculputures will be part of this group exhibiton.

This series of sculptures, titled Eve 1: Maiden, Eve 2: Mother and Eve 3: Sage were created as an abstract representation of the feminine form.

Eve, derived from the Latin name Eva, means to breathe and/or to live.

Eve 1 Maiden, is the beginning, its form simple and pure. 

Eve 2 Mother, represents the middle stage of life, a more complex form, full of life and creative energy.
Eve 3 Sage, the most free flowing of the trio, represents the beauty of maturity and wisdom.
These sculptures marry my two favourite mediums, timber and copper, the copper applied as as delicate copper leaf so as not to overpower the beauty of the flowing grain of the timber.